M20 QR Code Payment Sound Box

The M20 offers stable network communication and instant payment confirmation with its full network capabilities, including 4G/2G, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity.

FEITIAN M20 QR Code Payment Sound Box

The M20’s real-time payment broadcast and high volume make it suitable for noisy environments, ensuring merchants can easily hear and process each payment transaction.

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M20 QR Code Payment Sound Box Details

Retail Stores: The M20 is ideal for retail stores where merchants can quickly and securely accept payments using dynamic QR codes. The stable network communication ensures instant confirmation of payments, providing a seamless checkout experience for customers.

Outdoor Events: The M20’s high volume capability makes it suitable for noisy outdoor environments, such as concerts, festivals, or sporting events. Merchants can easily hear and confirm payments, even in loud surroundings. The full network capabilities, including 4G/2G, WiFi, and Bluetooth, ensure reliable and fast communication, allowing for efficient payment processing at crowded venues.

Product Features:

Security OS: RTOS
Processor: 500MHz Cortex A5 Application processor
Certifications: CE

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M20 Product Info Sheet

Product reviews

FEITIAN Standard FIDO Security Keys
“Easy to setup and use. If you’re serious about security this is a good option with a fair price that makes it a good value.”
- L&M
FEITIAN iePass Lightning & USB-C Security Key
“Works great on my Apple Macs and iPhone. iPhone app let me add a security code to my key as well. Save yourself the money and get this over the Yubico YubiKey 5Ci. This one works perfectly and is half the cost of the Yubico brand. Very happy and highly recommend.”
- Brandon W.
FEITIAN USB-A, USB-C Security Keys
“As a long time user, I highly recommend this product for it's durability, usability, and compatibility. It achieves the same thing as a Yubikey (except for storing PGP keys, but if you don't know what those are, then it won't matter to you), for half the price. My current key has lasted me over 3 years, and I suspect it will last me far longer still.”
- Nathan G.

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