Enterprise Cybersecurity & Physical Access Control

FEITIAN offers a wide range of cybersecurity solutions including authentication devices, multi-factor authentication, smartcard readers, physical access control, as well as passwordless secure login.

Cyber Security for Enterprise

Cybersecurity has become an integral part of modern enterprise operations, as businesses face an increasing number of sophisticated cyber threats. Protecting sensitive data, safeguarding intellectual property, and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity are paramount for organizations. In this digital age enterprises must adopt robust cybersecurity measures to defend against cyber attacks, mitigate risks, and maintain the trust of their stakeholders. 

FEITIAN offers comprehensive identity management and authentication solutions, including comprehensive FIDO support providing robust passwordless authentication, converged access control, managed certificate-based and PKI-based services. Integration across major platforms and identity providers (IdPs) is built in.

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Enterprise Authentication Use Cases

Cost-effective authentication solutions that ensure secure access to sensitive data and systems, priveleged access, and increased productivity.

Secure Employee Authentication

FEITIAN offers authentication solutions such as smart cards, biometric devices, and token-based authentication that enable secure and convenient access to enterprise resources for employees, ensuring data protection and preventing unauthorized access. Addional capabilities include converged smart card access for combined digital and physical facility access.

Privileged Access Management

FEITIAN provides privileged access management solutions that help enterprises control and monitor privileged accounts, allowing only authorized users to access sensitive systems and resources. This helps prevent data breaches and insider threats.

Converged Access Control

FEITIAN’s converged access control solutions integrate physical and logical access control, enabling enterprises to manage and enforce access policies across both physical premises and digital systems. This enhances security by ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive areas and information.

Cyber Risks in Enterprise

Cyber attacks pose a significant threat to enterprises, targeting their sensitive data, networks and operations This can cause severe financial and reputational damage.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks involve deceptive emails, messages, or websites designed to trick employees into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware. This attack vector has been shown to be the major cause of ransmomware attacks plauging enterprises leading to financial losses and compromised systems.

Malware Infections

Malicious software that can infect computer systems, networks, or devices. It can disrupt operations, steal data, or provide unauthorized access to cybercriminals. Ransomware, trojans, and viruses are examples of malware.

Insider Threats

Insider threats are risks posed by individuals within an organization who have gained or previously been granted access to systems and data. This could include employees, contractors, or partners. Insider threats can result from malicious intent, negligence, and weak access control policy, leading to data breaches, intellectual property theft, or sabotage.

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Enterprise Cyber Security Benefits 

Enhanced Security

FEITIAN products provide robust workforce security solutions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA), passwordless solutions, and privileged access management, ensuring that enterprise systems and sensitive data are well-protected against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Simplified User Experience

With user-friendly interfaces and seamless integration capabilities, FEITIAN products offer a frictionless authentication experience for employees while maintaining high levels of security.

Cost Efficiency

By mitigating the risks of cyber threats and data breaches, FEITIAN products help enterprises avoid significant financial losses associated with security incidents.

Regulatory Compliance

FEITIAN solutions help enterprises comply with industry-specific standards, mandates and regulatory requirements, such as PCI DSS, ISO 27001, NIST SP800-53, FIPS 201, and FIDO protocols, ensuring adherence to cybersecurity and data protection standards.

Scalability and Flexibility

FEITIAN’s range of products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of enterprises of all sizes, allowing for scalability as the business grows and adaptability to evolving security requirements.

Comprehensive Solutions

FEITIAN offers a wide array of cybersecurity solutions, including MFA, converged access control, passwordless authentication, and secure remote workforce solutions, providing enterprises with a comprehensive suite of tools to address various security challenges and ensure comprehensive protection.

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