FEITIAN Card Readers

Feitian card readers provide secure and reliable means of accessing and interacting with smart cards, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced security for various applications.
30+ Years in Business
30+ Years in Business
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Leader in 5+ Industries
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More About Card Readers

FEITIAN card readers offer advanced, secure solutions that support contact and contact-less operation of reading smart cards. With their reliable performance and wide compatibility, FEITIAN card readers provide seamless integration into various systems and applications, offering enhanced security and convenience for users. Whether for authentication, data encryption, or digital signing, FEITIAN card readers deliver reliable and trusted solutions for organizations and individuals seeking robust smart card management and access control.
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More Details About Card Readers

Smart card readers are used in various applications that require secure authentication, data encryption, and access control
Enable secure authentication and access control to sensitive systems, buildings, or restricted areas.
Verify the identity of individuals through smart cards
Use for various scenarios such as healthcare, finance, and government.
Support digital signature functionalities
Facilitate secure data encryption and decryption
Serve as a component of multi-factor authentication systems
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Benefits of Card Readers

Enhanced security
Card readers provide an additional layer of security by requiring physical possession of the smart card for authentication, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
Convenience and efficiency
Card readers offer a quick and convenient way to authenticate and access systems, eliminating the need for manual entry of credentials or passwords.
Card readers can be used in different environments, including desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and access control systems, making them suitable for diverse use cases.
Card readers help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements by enforcing strong authentication measures and protecting sensitive data.
Economic value
FEITIAN card readers provide a cost-effective solution for secure authentication compared to other complex security measures, reducing overall security infrastructure costs.

Secure and Convenient Card Reader Solutions

FEITIAN card readers enable organizations to conveniently add support for Smart Cards to their operations. Benefits include:
Use of advanced encryption algorithms to protect sensitive data during authentication and communication
Plug-and-play functionality for quick setup and seamless integration into existing systems
Support for multiple smart card protocols, including ISO 7816, FIDO, and PIV
User-friendly and ergonomic design
Durable and reliable, capable of withstanding daily use in demanding environments


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Card Readers FAQ

Are FEITIAN card readers compatible with various smart card standards?
Yes, FEITIAN card readers are designed to support multiple smart card standards, including the Secure Technology Alliance, ISO/IEC 7816, ISO/IEC 14443, and PC/SC. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of smart cards, making them versatile for various applications.
How do I connect and use a FEITIAN card reader with my computer or device?
FEITIAN card readers can be easily connected to your computer or device using standard USB interfaces. Once connected, the card reader will be automatically recognized by the operating system, and you can use it with compatible software applications for smart card operations, such as authentication, digital signatures, and secure data exchange.
Can FEITIAN card readers provide secure and encrypted communication between the card and the reader?
Yes, FEITIAN card readers incorporate advanced encryption and security mechanisms to ensure secure communication between the smart card and the reader. This helps protect sensitive data during card operations, preventing unauthorized access or interception of information.

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