Security Keys

Best-in-class, phishing resistant multi-factor authentication hardware that help protects access to devices, apps, and data.
30+ Years in Business
30+ Years in Business
Leader in 5+ Industries
Leader in 5+ Industries
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Security Keys

Our most popular product family with multi-protocol support - FIDO/U2F, FIPS 140-2. FIDO2/webauthn, PIV/CAC, OpenPGP, OATH and more. With our 25+ years of experience, our exstensive lineup provides flexible form factors and customizations, on top of great integration capabilities.
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Enhancing Security with Security Keys

FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) security keys offer a powerful solution by providing phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA) that enhances security while ensuring a seamless user experience.
Phishing-Resistant MFA
Compliance with Regulations
Ease of Use and Deployment
Explore Security Keys Products

Security Key Products

Benefits of Security Keys

Enhanced Security
FIDO security keys support decentrailized encryption relieving organizations of the burdent to manage and maintain a centralized authentication server for certificate and key management. It still provides strong cryptographic protection, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and account breaches.
Simplified User Experience
With FIDO security keys, users can enjoy a passwordless login experience, eliminating the need to remember and manage multiple passwords.
Universal Compatibility
FIDO security keys work across various platforms, applications, and devices, providing a seamless and consistent authentication experience.
Protection Against Phishing Attacks
FIDO security keys offer robust protection against phishing attacks as they rely on public key cryptography, making it virtually impossible for attackers to replicate or intercept authentication credentials.
Scalability and Cost Efficiency
FIDO security keys can be easily deployed and managed in large-scale environments, providing cost-effective and scalable authentication solutions for organizations of all sizes.
Regulatory Compliance
By implementing FIDO security keys, organizations can meet regulatory requirements for strong authentication and data protection, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Secure and Convenient Security Key Solutions

FEITIAN security keys provide strong and convenient authentication, leveraging FIDO standards to enhance security and user experience by offering...
Strong cryptographic protection and two-factor authentication
A decentralized authentication process
Adherance to the FIDO Alliance standards
Compatability with a wide range of devices


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Security Keys FAQ

What is a security key, and how does it work?
A security key is a physical device that provides an additional layer of authentication for secure access to systems or services. It utilizes public-key cryptography to generate and store unique credentials, which are used to authenticate the user during the login process.
Can FEITIAN security keys be used with multiple devices or accounts?
Yes, FEITIAN security keys can be used with multiple devices and accounts, as long as they are supported by the authentication systems or services being used. The keys are often compatible with industry-standard authentication protocols like FIDO2 and U2F (Universal Second Factor), enabling their use across various platforms and services.