One Time Passwords

A great MFA solution balances security and cost-effectiveness. Our OATH based One Time Password products can help achieve MFA requirements key or card form factors for maximum versatility.
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30+ Years in Business
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Leader in 5+ Industries
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One Time Passwords

Our programmable OTP products works with multiple identity providers (IdPs) from Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, Ping Identity, Duo Security, and more! they follow OATH standards, are cost-effectiveness and can be customized for every MFA implementation project. OTPs add an invaluable layer of protection by generating unique codes, ensuring secure login and transaction authentication. With our diverse range of OTP options you can choose the solution that best suits your needs - from achieving MFA requirement, to replacing mobile authenticator apps.
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OTP Use Cases

FEITIAN OTP (One-Time Password) can be used in various scenarios where strong authentication is required, such as...
Secure remote access to corporate networks
Multi-factor authentication for online banking and financial transactions
Identity verification in government services
Secure login to cloud-based applications and services
Explore One Time Password Products

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OTP Product Manual
OTP Best Practices Guide

OTP Products

Benefits of One Time Password

Enhanced Security
FEITIAN OTP products provide an additional layer of security by generating unique codes that are required for authentication, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
Wide Range of Options
Choose from a diverse range of OTP solutions to find the perfect fit for your specific security requirements.
Convenient and User-Friendly
FEITIAN's OTP products are designed with ease of use in mind, ensuring a seamless user experience without compromising on security.
Versatile Use Cases
Whether you need to secure online presence, protect sensitive data, or enable secure remote access, FEITIAN's OTP products can be tailored to meet a variety of use cases.
Compliance with Industry Standards
FEITIAN OTP solutions adhere to industry standards, ensuring compliance with security regulations and providing peace of mind for businesses operating in highly regulated sectors.
Future-Proof Technology
FEITIAN is at the forefront of OTP innovation, leveraging the latest technologies to provide cutting-edge solutions that adapt to evolving security threats and stay ahead of cyber attackers.

Secure and Convenient OTP Solutions

FEITIAN OTP products provide an additional layer of security by generating unique one-time passwords for each authentication session, minimizing the risk of password-based attacks.
Support multiple authentication methods, including hardware tokens and mobile applications
Easy-to-use devices with seamless integration across various authentication systems
Robust encryption algorithms and tamper-resistant hardware
Ensure the confidentiality and integrity of authentication data


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One Time Password FAQ

What is an OTP (One-Time Password) token, and how does it work?
An OTP (One-Time Password) token is a security device that generates a unique numeric password for each login attempt. It typically works by synchronizing with a server that validates the generated password. When a user attempts to log in, only the current string displayed on the OTP token screen will work as the login password, providing an additional layer of security.
Can I use FEITIAN OTP tokens with multiple accounts or services?
FEITIAN OTP tokens can be used with multiple accounts or services, as long as they are supported by the corresponding authentication system. The tokens can be provisioned with multiple credentials and are often compatible with industry-standard authentication protocols, such as OATH (Initiative for Open Authentication) and FIDO (Fast Identity Online).
What happens if I lose my OTP token or it gets damaged? Can I still access my accounts?
If an OTP token is lost or damaged, the user should immediately contact the relevant system administrator or service provider. Depending on the security measures in place, there may be a process to deactivate the lost or damaged token and issue a replacement. It is important to report such incidents promptly to ensure the security of the associated accounts or services.

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