Passwordless Authentication

By leveraging advanced technologies such as FIDO2 and biometrics, FEITIAN eliminates the need for traditional passwords. With passwordless authentication, users can enjoy a seamless and frictionless login process while organizations benefit from strengthened security, reduced password-related risks, and improved operational efficiency.

Passwordless Solutions

Traditional password-based authentication methods have proven to be costly, vulnerable, and prone to attacks. As a result, organizations are increasingly turning to passwordless solutions to enhance their cyber security ecosystem. FEITIAN recognizes the need for stronger authentication methods and offers innovative passwordless solutions that eliminate the reliance on passwords and introduce more secure and convenient authentication mechanisms.
By leveraging technologies such as biometrics, hardware tokens, and public key cryptography, FEITIAN’s passwordless solutions provide a seamless and robust authentication experience, enhancing security while simplifying user access. With FEITIAN’s passwordless solutions, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of password-related breaches and strengthen their cyber security defenses.
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Passwordless Use Cases

Passwordless authentication offers a convenient and secure way to verify user identities without relying on costly and vulnerable traditional passwords.

Employee Access

Passwordless authentication can be implemented to provide employees with seamless access to company resources, such as systems, applications, and data, eliminating the need for password-based logins and reducing both the cost of management, and the risk of credential theft or misuse.

Personal Authentication

Passwordless solutions can enhance the user experience for individuals by eliminating the need to remember and manage passwords. Whether it’s accessing online accounts, making transactions, or using digital services, passwordless authentication methods like biometrics or one-time passcodes can simplify the authentication process and enhance security for everyone.

Partner and Vendor Access

Passwordless authentication can be extended to partners and vendors who require access to specific systems or platforms. By implementing passwordless methods, organizations can ensure secure access for external stakeholders, streamline collaboration, and reduce the risk of unauthorized access through compromised credentials.

Passwordless Protection

Passwordless authentication helps protect against common security threats such as password-based attacks, including password guessing, brute-force attacks, and phishing attempts

Defense Against Attacks

Protects against password guessing, brute-force attacks, and credential stuffing.

Prevention of Password Risks

Safeguards against password theft, reuse, and weak password practices.

Mitigation of Phishing

Eliminates the need to enter credentials into potentially malicious websites or applications, reducing the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks.
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Benefits of Passwordless Solutions

Enhanced security

Passwordless solutions eliminate the vulnerabilities associated with traditional passwords, such as weak passwords, password reuse, and credential theft, leading to improved security posture.

Reduced support costs

With passwordless solutions, there is a reduced need for password-related support and account recovery, leading to cost savings and improved efficiency for IT support teams.

Simplified user onboarding

Passwordless authentication simplifies the user onboarding process by eliminating the need for users to create and remember passwords, making it easier for organizations to onboard new users quickly and securely.

Improved user experience

Passwordless authentication offers a seamless and frictionless user experience, eliminating the need to remember and manage complex passwords, resulting in higher user satisfaction and productivity.

Strong authentication

Passwordless solutions often leverage stronger authentication methods such as biometrics, hardware tokens, or mobile push notifications, providing a higher level of assurance for verifying user identities.

Scalability and adaptability

Passwordless solutions can easily scale to accommodate a large number of users and can be integrated into various systems and applications, making them adaptable to different use cases and environments.

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