Java Smart Cards

FEITIAN Java Cards are highly secure and programmable smart cards that enable the development of secure applications, providing robust authentication and data protection capabilities.

FEITIAN Java Smart Cards

FEITIAN TECHNOLOGIES Java Card Operating System (FT-JCOS), has been meticulously designed to conform to the strict standards of the Global Platform and ISO industry; thereby ensuring a fluidity and seamless interoperability of applications for card issuers as well as solutions developers.


Key Verification Method: Smart Card Authentication
Application: Physical and Logical Access Control
Interface Type: Card Readers




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Java Smart Cards Details

Secure Access Control: FEITIAN Java Smart Cards can be used for secure access control systems in various environments such as offices, buildings, and restricted areas. These smart cards store encrypted user credentials and can be used to authenticate individuals and grant them access to authorized areas, ensuring only authorized personnel can enter.

Identity Verification: FEITIAN Java Smart Cards are suitable for identity verification purposes in organizations or institutions. These smart cards can store personal information, biometric data, and digital certificates, allowing users to authenticate their identity securely. This can be used in scenarios such as government agencies, healthcare facilities, and financial institutions to ensure the correct identification of individuals and prevent unauthorized access or identity fraud.

Secure Authentication for Systems and Applications: FEITIAN Java Smart Cards can provide strong and secure authentication for various systems and applications. They can be used for user authentication in enterprise systems, online banking, e-commerce platforms, and other sensitive applications. By storing encryption keys and digital certificates, these smart cards enable secure and reliable authentication, protecting sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access.

Digital Signatures and Document Encryption: FEITIAN Java Smart Cards can be used for digital signatures and document encryption, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of digital documents. These smart cards store digital certificates and cryptographic keys, allowing users to digitally sign documents and encrypt them, providing assurance of the document’s authenticity and protecting it from unauthorized modifications.

Secure Online Transactions: FEITIAN Java Smart Cards can enhance the security of online transactions by providing strong authentication and encryption capabilities. These smart cards can be used for secure online banking, e-commerce payments, and other online transactions, protecting sensitive financial information and ensuring secure communication between the user and the service provider.

Product Features:

JCE Models are ePass2003 Applet installed
Total NVM: 105 Kbytes with applet
Interface Type: Dual
OS Java Card 3.0.4
Global Platform 2.1.1
Cryptographic Algorithms: RSA2048, AES, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, MD5, 3DES (ECB, CBC), ECC

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Product reviews

FEITIAN Standard FIDO Security Keys
“Easy to setup and use. If you’re serious about security this is a good option with a fair price that makes it a good value.”
- L&M
FEITIAN iePass Lightning & USB-C Security Key
“Works great on my Apple Macs and iPhone. iPhone app let me add a security code to my key as well. Save yourself the money and get this over the Yubico YubiKey 5Ci. This one works perfectly and is half the cost of the Yubico brand. Very happy and highly recommend.”
- Brandon W.
FEITIAN USB-A, USB-C Security Keys
“As a long time user, I highly recommend this product for it's durability, usability, and compatibility. It achieves the same thing as a Yubikey (except for storing PGP keys, but if you don't know what those are, then it won't matter to you), for half the price. My current key has lasted me over 3 years, and I suspect it will last me far longer still.”
- Nathan G.

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