Programming NFC OTP Tokens and Cards on Windows OS

Wed 16 Aug 2023
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FEITIAN’s NFC OTP Token can be programmed to work as offline replacement for the mobile authenticator app.


  • FEITIAN’s NFC capable OTP Tokens or Cards.
  • Most windows device don’t come with NFC readers, so we recommend to pick up a NFC reader such as our R502-CL
  • Download and install the CardOTPTool.exe tool:
  • Seed either created manually (40 characters, Hexadecimal encoded stream) or provided by a QR based system (e.g. Google/Microsoft Authenticator)


  • put the NFC OTP token or card on the NFC reader
  • run the CardOTPTool tool.
  • If the seed data is manually generated, click “Program Seed”
  • If the seed data is from an authenticator QR code system – Click “Program Seed (QR)”
    • On the authenticator provider’s settings page (using Microsoft Authentication as example), add an “sign in” options, then “I want to use a different authenticator app”, then “Can’t scan image”
  • this will then provide seed as a text string, to be input into the CardOTPTool
  • then “Program”
  • if all successful, it will show ‘OK’ (or it will return an error message)

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