FEITIAN & Microsoft Passwordless Keys Evaluation Program (PKEP)

Feitian Passwordless Security Keys
For All Your Microsoft Enterprise Applications

Benefits of Passwordless Authentication:
Impoved Security with Passwordless MFA + Better Passwordless User Interface + Reduced Password Hacking

With this Passwordless Keys Evaluation Program (PKEP) limited time offer, Qualified Companies can get at No ($0) Product Charge (Shipping not included) the following product bundles listed below:

  • Biometric Keys Only: 15 Biometric Security Keys or 
  • Non-Biometric Keys Only: 30 Non-Biometric Security Keys or  
  • Combined Keys: 8 Biometric + 15 Non-Biometric Security Keys

*This offer will be for the first one hundred and fifty (150) qualified registrations from Microsoft clients with over on hundred (100) users from the US or Canada.
**The PKEP offer is limited to any qualified non-Government Organization.                                              

PKEP Requirements:
1. Windows 10 version 1903 or later, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Azure AD MFA enabled users, and integrate Azure AD with Microsoft and 3rd party applications; such as Office 365.
2. *Has the company deployed a Microsoft Azure AD Passwordless implementation?
a. If No, FEITIAN will coordinate for a launch of Microsoft Azure AD Passwordless.
b. If Yes, company qualifies for PKEP.
3. Actively looking for and interested in testing Hardware Security Keys.
4. Agree to Follow PKEP Communications Plan.

PKEP Communication Plan:
1. Ongoing Online Meetings every 2 – 3 weeks.
2. Company to provide product performance feedback and updates on the MFA project.
3. Company will consider participating with a Joint Solutions Document with Microsoft and FEITIAN.

(This program is not sponsored by Microsoft.)

*Please Complete the Form on the right to apply for the FEITIAN Passwordless Keys Evaluation Program.

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