FEITIAN Technologies and Ping Identity Partnership

FEITIAN Technologies partners with Ping Identity to introduce joint security solutions for strong multi-factor authentication. In our increasingly cloud-connected and mobile-enabled world, the joint partnership provides modern and effective security for mutual customers.

The PingID authentication service with FEITIAN Security Keys can be used with any of these solutions

PingOneĀ® SSO

PingFederate SSO


PingID supports different types of authentication methods offered by FEITIAN Technologies, including OTP tokens and display cards, ePass FIDO2 keys, MultiPass FIDO2 keys and BioPass FIDO2 Biometric Keys.

Connect your security key to your Computer and then tap to authenticate. Your security key can also be used to authenticate manually when offline.

Strong two-factor account protection

Security keys uses FIDO2 certified public key cryptography to provide strong protection against multiple security threats.

Convenient and travel-friendly design

Slim design and smooth finish fits perfectly on your keychain or in your wallet.

Multiple Interfaces

Available in different interfaces including USB-A or USB-C to fit all of your computers and mobile devices.

C100 | C200 OTP Tokens

OTP C100 event-based and C200 time-based hardware tokens that can be used for two factor authentication and are OATH compliant.

ePass FIDO2 Series

FEITIAN ePass FIDO2 Security Keys are available in multiple form factors to meet all of your requirements.

BioPass FIDO2 Series

BioPass security keys are designed to encrpyt and store your enrolled fingerprint in the key itself to prevent any unauthorized access to our fingerprint data. Duo allows users to physically authenticate by using the built-in biometric authenticators found on FEITIAN BioPass Keys.