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OTP c300 OATH Challenge/Response Token Overview

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The FEITIAN OTP c300 hardware token provides OATH-compliant event-based, time-based and challenge/response OTP. The system is offered as part of a complete solution with FOAS (FEITIAN OTP Authentication System). OTP c300 effectively eliminates the threat posed by a wide array of account attacks and modern cybercrime techniques such as peep, reuse, and man-in-the-middle.

OTP c300 hardware token is completely compliant with OATH standard. In addition, it supports FEITIAN’s proprietary algorithm which seamlessly integrates with FEITIAN OTP authentication server to provide higher security and availability such as Seed Alteration, Multiple-Level PIN Protection. OTP c300 is an ideal solution for bank customers looking for enhanced online-financial transaction security with reduced IT costs and fixed costs associated with token hardware.

Key Features

  • Easy To Operate
    • Built-in LCD and numeric keypad
  • Multiple Function
    • OATH Event/Time-based OTP
    • OATH Challenge/Response (OCRA)
    • OATH Transaction signature
  • Additional Function
    • Multiple-Level PIN Protection Seed Alteration
  • Flexibility To Customize
    • Appearance (Casing/Faceplate/Logo)
    • Algorithm (OATH or FEITIAN proprietary algorithm)
    • Function (Multiple choices on Time-based OTP,
    • Challenge/Response and Transaction Signature)
    • OTP Parameter (Length/Time interval)

Download the PDF Product Brochure

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