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Protecting Your Digital Life: Why MFA Is Critical for iPhone Security

As technology advances, so do the methods criminals use to steal information. The article by the Wall Street Journal titled...

Use FEITIAN FIDO security key to protect your Apple ID 

With Apple announcing its support to have FIDO security key to protect Apple ID, Apple users are now able to...

3 things to know about FIDO passkey and the future of enterprise authentication 

By Enrique Tang, Head of Technical Solution SalesFEITIAN Technologies FIDO Alliance introduced passkey back in March 2022, and then the...

Different Types of MFA [What you need to know]

From my previous entries we’ve covered the importance of MFA against hacking, building strong foundation for zero trust architecture, and...
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OTP tokens – A Great MFA Option

OTP tokens | A Great MFA Option

You may be rubbing your eyes wondering if you are reading an old, outdated blog post, but fortunately (or unfortunately)...