FEITIAN Announces New FIDO2 Certifications

BEIJING, CHINA and SANTA CLARA, CA – FEITIAN Technologies announced that two security key models are now FIDO2® certified and will begin manufacturing and selling new FIDO2 certified security keys.

As World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and FIDO Alliance announced the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification is finalized and becomes an official web standard, we have advanced a major step to a more secure and user-friendly authentication scheme. To empower this, FEITIAN have dedicated to provide high quality FIDO U2F and FIDO2 certified hardware authenticators in different form factors to meet a variety user requirements.

FEITIAN’s FIDO2 certified keys now include:

  • BioPass FIDO2® (Model: K24/K26/K27) - Available
  • ePass FIDO2®-NFC (Model: K9/K40) - Available
  • ePass FIDO2® (Model: K10/K12/A4B/K21/K28) - Available
  • AllinPass FIDO2® (Model: K33) – Limited Preview

For any inquiries or questions regarding FIDO and FIDO2 security solutions or price inquires, please contact us.

FIDO2 Certifications FIDO2 Certifications
FIDO2 Certifications

FIDO2 Certifications

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